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"...all societies at all times have some particular blind spot, that is, some group within or outside their culture that is often treated with ignorance or foolishness"



Martha Nussbaum 



Proccess El abrazo, El Salvador, San Salvador, 2019


Vertigo Graffiti is a strategic management model, which since 2009, has been designing, producing and executing projects, scenarios and consultancies related to the understanding and use of public art and graffiti

Afro Prism,  Matuna sector,  Cartagena 2012.

The Vertigo Graffiti team is made up of professional urban artists, photographers, content creators and executive directors who conceive communication in public space as an ideal (and profitable) tool for the development of campaigns and alternative artistic intervention strategies.


Reconciliation Project, Distrito de Aguablanca, Cali, 2016

Possibly, the experience for which Vertigo Graffiti has achieved greater recognition is for the narrative, social and visual design of large format murals created in the cities of Bogota and Cartagena in Colombia, and also in Miami (USA), Antwerp (Belgium), Amman (Jordan), Istanbul and Ankara (Turkey), San Salvador (El Salvador) and Sao Paulo (Brazil) 

Ankara 2.jpg

Brotherhood, Gabo and Yasar Kemal, Ankara, Turkey, 2019

Shared Look, Party Piper, Cafetal Childhood,  The Gold Fish Market,  Human Seeds, Lost Generation,   , Wild Reading.


...since 2013, the team of creators has designed and directed scenarios for dialogue and citizen recognition, starting with the implementation of urban art festivals...


María Mulata, Yurika, International Festival of Urban Art, Cartagena, 2013


Barrio Libre, Ecks and Word, Festival  International Urban Art, Cartagena 2013 which thousands of square meters of a certain sector of the city are intervened by dozens of artists with the aim of transforming environments and building and motivating dialogues between people. This is the case of Ciudad Mural International Festival of Urban Art that took place in 2013 in the Gethsemane neighborhood of Cartagena.

Barrio Libre, Ecks and Word, Festival  International Urban Art, Cartagena 2013

Primer Festival Internacional de Arte Ur

Semana Magazine, December 13, 2012

More recently, Vertigo, proposed, designed and directed Graffiti District for the Mayor's Office of Bogota, a whole scenario of appreciation of urban art, which currently has more than 1700 square meters intervened and more than 110 works of local artists, Colombian and from all corners of the world.

IMG_1750 2.HEIC
IMG_2976 4.HEIC

Graffiti District. Town of Puente Aranda Bogotá, 2016-2019

Additionally, Vertigo Graffiti has also understood the importance of creating works designed specifically for private environments, as an alternative way of designing and confronting the interior spaces of companies, offices and people who want a change in the conversations in their most recurrent environments.


Flaneur, Word, Bogotá, 2019

Since 2015, Vertigo Graffiti's studio and creative workshop, located in the city of Bogotá, has become a space for the creation, exhibition and sale of the works developed by the allied urban artists. These works include canvases, metal and woodwork, drawings, silk screen prints and photographs.


Studio & Show Room Vertigo Graffiti, Bogotá Colombia

Finally, for Vertigo Graffiti, since its origins in 2009, it has been essential to create audiovisual content, which account for the development of the various projects and journeys, for which it has been supported by talented photographers and content creators who have developed, from clear narrative structures advertising clips, short documentaries and promotional videos for clients and partners of the management model.

Campaign Vertigo Graffiti / Sprite (Camión Grafiti), 2011 Bogotá, Colombia

Short Docummentary Film, Getsemaní El Último Barrio, 2013. 

Making-Of  The Kiss of the Invisibles, Bogotá, 2013. 

Video Human Seeds for Foreign Ministry of Colombia, Amman, Jordan, 2019

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