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APRIL 22 - MAY 24

The painting of Ricardo Vásquez Navas (YURIC) has a defined plan: interweave and illuminate. Without a doubt, the most unmistakable legacy that more than twenty years of his work on the streets in Colombia and in the world left him. An irreversible experience that has allowed him to solve that confusing dilemma that is his own authenticity: the artist has managed to stand out by being recognizable in the material of his creations. Yurica is Yurica in detail and distance. 


ESQUIRLAS is a reliable proof of identity. On this occasion, the artist presents his most recent works created in the winding stretch of the days of the pandemic. Shut up, usually at night, in his narrow but cozy workshop in the La Macarena neighborhood, Vásquez explored a well-known formula: the flexibility of color driven by the emotional drifts of our times. Nerve and stroke: splinter.


Each piece in this exhibition recounts a near or distant moment that lies in Vásquez's emotional memory . Some of the works are concrete images that seem torn apart by color and others evoke elements of nature. Representations closer to graffiti and its ferocity can also be found; which in turn are related to other pieces that simulate vertigo and gravity. ESQUIRLAS serves the artist, and the public, as a kind of invisible anatomy.


 Welcome to an exercise in saturated feelings and paths of color that are enough to recognize the talent and conviction of the artist in his unexpected and suggestive way of confronting himself. The struggle between a selfish and capricious creative action, and the involuntary directions and imminent risks that the liberating expression embodies.

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